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Sam Dobrotka, Ph.D.

Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership, Regent University (Current); M.A. in Theology, Fuller Theological Seminary (1990); M.A. in Cross-Cultural Studies, Fuller Theological Seminary (1990); B.A. in Biblical Literature (OT), Oral Roberts University (1983)

Dr. Dobrotka has spent more than 30 years in pastoral leadership, serving in a variety of roles as a staff pastor, campus pastor, and lead pastor. His passion is understanding the organizational dynamics that exist in churches of all sizes. Such interests have led to academic research in areas of pastoral leadership, conflict management, team building, group dynamics, and organizational structure. His dissertation was the development of a quantitative scale to measure clergy effectiveness. He regularly teaches in SUM's Master of Arts in Christian Leadership program.

Dr. Dobrotka’s Curriculum Vitae