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Gary Munson, Th.D.

Th.D. - Missiology from University of South Africa; Ed.D. Organization and Leadership from University of South Africa; M.A. Theology - Biblical Studies; B.A. Government (USF)

Dr. Gary Munson has taught in Bible Colleges since 1983 and has strengthened or established leadership training programs in Asia, Africa and Europe. He served as a missionary and President of Shiloh Bible College in Ethiopia from 2008-2017, during which time he created a training program for church planters and evangelists to prepare them for work among Muslims. In that program 710 missionaries were prepared and sent out in cooperation with their home churches and well over 100,000 Muslims have been led to Christ and are members of the churches that have been planted. Prior to serving in Ethiopia, he was Vice President for Academics at Shiloh Bible College in Oakland, California. Dr. Munson has participated in a global vision to build the body of Christ in local church ministry as well as seminars, conferences, teaching, and leadership for over 35 years.

Dr. Munson’s Curriculum Vitae