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Annabelle Ong, M.A

M.A. in Christian Leadership, SUM Bible College & Theological Seminary (2017); M.A. in Biblical Studies, SUM Bible College & Theological Seminary (2015); B.A. in Secondary Education, NAGA College Foundation (1995)

Born to parents who are both grade-school teachers, teaching and learning scenarios had been the backdrop of my growing years. At a young age, I am considered an achiever joining all kinds of contests in school. When I reached high school, I continued representing my school in regional and national competitions mostly on journalism related competitions. I was a consistent honor student from grade one until I finished highs school.

I became a Christian at the age of 14. Right away, I started teaching Sunday school lessons in the kids in my neighborhood. I was also the president of the church’s youth ministry. In college, I was part of the core leaders in a campus ministry, until I moved to another college and pioneered a campus outreach there. After graduation, I joined the Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship and served as staff overseeing campus ministries in the universities and colleges in Metro Manila.

My husband is my first boyfriend. We got married in 1998 and were blessed with 4 children. Together, we enjoy reaching out to the youth, discipling and mentoring them to reach their full potential. We have seen young people from their “lost” stage to a fruitful laborer of God in many places. After planting 2 churches in the Philippines, we moved to Thailand on April 2019 praying that the Lord will use us to reach out to Thais and eventually plant a church here someday.

Professor Ong’s Curriculum Vitae