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Payment Options Include: Credit/Debit, PayPal, Student Voucher

Payment Options Include:
Credit/Debit, PayPal, Student Voucher


The Online Bookstore — What You Need to Know

Options: New - Used - Rental - Book Buyback

SUM Bible College & Theological Seminary (SUM) has partnered with MBS Direct, the largest online college bookstore system in the nation, to provide textbooks for our student body each school trimester. Students are able to order books and materials online, have them delivered to their home or address of their choice, and even sell them back at the end of the semester if they desire.  This is an easy, reliable way for you to buy your books:

  • All required and recommended textbooks and materials are available for each class and are guaranteed to be correct.
  • Orders are shipped within 24 hours, and several shipping options (including next day) are available.
  • Books can be returned within 14 days of the start of class or when they are ordered, whichever date is later.
  • A “customer loyalty” bonus can add up to 25% to the buyback value of books ordered from MBS Direct.

As soon as your advisor has approved your courses, you can order your books.  All courses are listed on the SUM Bookstore site, and you only need to check the courses you are taking to know which books and materials should be added to your shopping cart. In addition to ordering online, you can order by telephone (800-325-3252). If you do not have a credit card, a check or money order is acceptable payment for orders that are mailed. More questions? Check out the MBS Direct Help Section of SUM's bookstore . It answers a wide range of common questions and answers.


Students can charge their books to their account by using a voucher number provided by SUM. 

MBS Direct Book Voucher Procedure