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SUM Bible College & Theological Seminary in El DOrado Hills, CA


About SUM

SUM is a fully accredited Bible College and Theological Seminary whose purpose is to raise up pentecostal ministry leaders through the Jesus Model of Leadership. 

SUM Bible College and Theological Seminary (SUM) equips indigenous leaders from America and the nations of the world by offering an affordable theological education, combining academic instruction with practical hands-on ministry and personal mentorship. Our mission empowers these leaders to be instruments of change in their communities.

Our History

In 1987, George Neau pioneered an inner city church in the Baton Rouge area of Louisiana. He saw the need to develop ethnic leadership to reach the moral, spiritual, and financial needs of impoverished neighborhoods. He realized the need for bible college training; however, the cost for such training was often out of reach because of poor educational backgrounds and rampant poverty levels. The college began in George’s living room. Over time, George’s God-given dream of building an Bible college would be fulfilled by acquiring depressed land in the inner city, transforming them into facilities with donated materials and volunteer labor. The college was to be known as the School of Urban Missions (SUM). In 2011, the college changed its name to SUM Bible College & Theological Seminary. This name change heralds SUM’s new direction as evolving from a strictly urban focus to a evangelical worldwide emphasis.

Our Commitment

  • Dynamic chapel services

  • A unified community within the dorms

  • Personal mentorship with administration, faculty and alumni

  • Serving the student body through the Student Government Association