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Graduate Degree

Detail MA in Biblical Studies
MA in Christian Leadership*
Master of Divinity
Goal The degree equips students for the biblical research aspects of ministry related to teaching, preaching, Bible education, and research. Students research biblical concepts and theological principles with a view toward equipping the saints and building the local church. The MA in Biblical Studies is an appropriate degree for anyone called to serve in any of the five-fold ministries. The MACL program is designed for (1) men and women called to leadership roles or positions in a local church setting, para-church organizations, or the marketplace, and (2) those who are currently in leadership roles who are seeking to enhance their leadership skills both theologically and practically. The program provides students with a solid understanding of Biblical leadership principles and strategies, while preparing them to serve in leadership positions. The MDiv specializes in biblical interpretation and Christian theological heritage with a view towards building the Kingdom of God impacting culture and society. MDiv students should be able to defend and articulate the Christian ethical and theological system, produce scholarly biblical and theological research, and integrate these principles in all aspects of ministry leadership, development and administration and theological research.
Completion Time 2-3 years 2 years 3 years
Tuition Per Credit $260 $260 $260
Full Time Status 6 credits 6 credits 6 credits
Credits Required 48 38 76
  • Biblical Theology
  • Biblical Exegesis
  • Biblical Languages
  • None None


    Biblical Languages

    Offers a specialization in the Bible, biblical interpretation, and theology and emphasizes a student's abilities to research using Hebrew and Greek language tools and to produce scholarly, biblical and theological research projects. It will help those who are pursuing a terminal degree in Biblical Studies.

    Biblical Exegesis

    Provides an understanding of Scripture and systematic theology, coupled with modern strategies for ministry. Emphasis is placed on thorough research and effective communication, comprehension of foundational biblical and theological truths, and a commitment to godly Christian character.

    Biblical Theology

    Provides an understanding of Scriptural theology, coupled with modern strategies for ministry. Emphasis is placed on thorough research and effective communication, and a commitment to godly Christian character. Develops an unified theology of the Bible that respects varied perspectives within individual Bible books.

    *The MACL program is designed to start in the Fall trimester; this is not a requirement and you may start during another trimester but please be aware that you would be taking the classes out of their ideal sequential order. Please contact the admissions dept if you have further questions. 

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    2018-19 Academic Year

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    Master of Arts in Christian Leadership

    Master of Arts in Biblical Studies

    Master of Divinity

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    Graduate Program Policies

    • A student may not take more than 12 credits per trimester without an appeal.

    • See the most current academic catalog for more details on the graduate program policies.