Chancellor’s Chapel – “Trusting Our Unchanging God”

Chancellor George Neau encouraged the SUM community through his timely address at the Chancellor’s Chapel on April 1, 2020. In a world that seeks to be in control of everything, the sermon drew attention to our own finiteness, helping us reflect how little we really are in control of in this life. It pointed to the only true constant amidst all this crisis and change—the character of our God revealed through His Word, as One who is eternally unchanging in His goodness and mercies. Through a brief exegetical survey of Psalm 91, Chancellor Neau exhorted the staff and students to have a fresh perspective by putting their trust and confidence in the promises and covenantal faithfulness of God. Only such an attitude anchored in God can enable us to speak life and hope to all those paralyzed by fear and despair in these perilous times.

 Please watch the full sermon in the video given below.