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Turabian 8th

All SUM students should own A Manual for Writers of Research Papers, Theses, and Dissertations, Eighth Edition (or the 7th edition, if you already own it).

Turabian Formatting Checklist

Writing Checklist

Use this Turabian Formatting Checklist to ensure that your paper format is correct.

Sample Turabian Paper

Students may use this PDF or Word document as an example for what their class papers should look like according to Turabian standards.

College-Level Research

1.   Topic:

      a.  Choose your topic!
           (Something that interests you, or you want more knowledge of)

      b.  Narrow and refine your topic focus!
           (Focus on a point of your topic so you don’t bite more than you can chew!)

2.   Research:

      a.   Find relevant materials to your topic!
            (Materials include: Books, internet articles, journals, media, etc.)

      b.   Make sure your research is sufficient!
            (It is better to cut some resources than to not have enough)

3.   Final Product:

      a.   NO PLAGIARISM!!
            (Includes: copying and pasting content from the internet/books/magazines, etc without proper citation)

      b.   Make sure you have cited all of your sources correctly!
            (Check footnote formatting, Bibliography formatting, Works Cited formatting, etc)

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