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Worship Studies

Students Will Learn:

Theology of Worship
Why worship pleases God
What forms should worship take to please God
Worship as influenced by culture
History of Worship
How do historical developments in worship influence current trends?
Developing a heart of worship
Leading others to develop a heart of worship
Learn basic skills for sounds systems
Learn how to design worship services
Develop a heart that chases after God
Determine better ways to work with teams of people

Three Courses

  1. Theology of Worship
  2. The Heart of Worship
  3. Essentials of Worship Leading

Practicums done in a worship setting
Internships completed in worship leading
Submit a recommendation from a local leader
Submit a try-out video for an audition


2015 Due Dates Assignment
May 1 Audition tapes due - postmarked by this date
May 10-17 Audition evaluation team reviews audition tapes this week
May 18 Final decisions for student acceptance to worship concentration
May 29 Release acceptance letters to worship concentration