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SUM’s distance education uses the internet to provide live two-way classroom interaction. To enhance this educational experience, SUM helps students organize into study groups which voluntarily meet at locations provided by ministries around the country. SUM refers to these group locations as “cohorts.” Cohorts provide free internet access, a study room, and all the needed equipment for SUM’s students. The classroom facilities are donated by a local church. SUM’s students are encouraged to participate in the sponsoring cohort site’s ministry for their experiential ministry requirements.

Key Cohort Roles:

  • VP of Cohort Development – Serves as an overseer of the U.S. Cohorts and acts as the chief administration of these cohorts.

  • International Cohort Director – Serves as an overseer of all foreign Cohorts and acts as the chief administration of these cohorts.

  • Cohort Visionary Leader (VL) – As a partner of SUM’s Cohort GLI, the Visionary Leader willingly imparts their very lives (1 Thess. 2.8) into students and supports the local Cohort Advisors in achieving a sustainable cohort of 10 or more students.

  • Cohort Advisor (CA) – Serves as the key connection between the Visionary Leader and SUM. The CA is responsible for the recruitment, direct oversight and viability of their cohort location.