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In Memoriam

It is with heavy hearts that the SUM family grieves the loss of one of its founding elders Pastor Wade Southerland.  Pastor Southerland served the SUM family faithfully for over 15 years.  He directed the Student Ministry programming and brought to the entire team a heart of a shepherd. Pastor Wade was probably one of the most humble men I know.  When I first heard him preach at his church in Houston, I knew instantly I wanted him to be a part of the SUM founding team.  He was a man who preached with such conviction and compassion.  We will all miss his classic statement, “It’s tight, but it’s right!” Just thinking about his friendship brings such joy to my heart.  I am going to truly miss the Man of God and his heart for people.  Our prayers are with the entire Southerland family.

George Neau
SUM Bible College & Theological Seminary


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