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Understanding the Financial Aid process can be daunting to the average student or even their parents. Following the required procedures in the proper order is essential to making this endeavor easier though. Before any of the steps below can be completed, you must first complete and submit your FAFSA (Free Application For Student Aid) and then allow time for our office to send you further instructions. Visit our FAFSA Help Center for more information.

The entire SUM Financial Aid process (including Parent Plus or Verification requests) can potentially take 3-4 weeks and your financial aid must be solidified in advance to avoid you having to pay out of pocket.

Be sure not to jump steps and you'll be just fine.

Official SUM Federal School Code: 037524

Repayment: What to Expect

Step 3  UNDERSTAND . . .

Hold steady now. We'll take a break soon. Financial aid counseling for first time and seasoned borrowers so there's 2 options to choose from. Don't worry, a couch is not necessary.

ENTRANCE COUNSELING: As a borrower of Title IV and as a condition of the Master Promissory Note, the Department of Education requires all first time borrowers at SUM to complete Entrance Counseling to ensure that borrowers are aware of their rights and responsibilities. To begin, log onto the website and then refer to the Entrance Counseling Instructions.


FINANCIAL AWARENESS COUNSELING: The Department has also provided another option for current borrowers so that they are able to stay informed as to current loan debt and repayment options. SUM Bible College and Theological Seminary, in an effort to help students avoid default and to help keep them apprised of their outstanding loan debt are requiring all returning borrowers at SUM to complete the Financial Awareness Counseling. To begin, log onto the website and then refer to the Financial Awareness Counseling Instructions. website and then refer to the attached instructions to complete Financial Awareness Counseling.

  • No financial aid will be able to be awarded until the appropriate process is completed. Once the Entrance Counseling or the Financial Awareness Counseling is completed the school will verify the completion and the awarding process will proceed.
  • Please wait for your "Award Disbursement Notification" from the Virtual Financial Aid Office (VFAO) before starting Step 4.

If you have questions or need assistance you may contact Financial Aid Director, Kathryn Mangan, at (510) 567-6174 ext #105 or