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Rick Wadholm Jr., Ph.D.

Ph.D. in Pentecostal and Biblical Studies, Bangor University (2018); M.Div. in Old Testament and Theology, Providence Theological Seminary (2012); B.A. in Global Studies and Biblical Studies, Trinity Bible College (1999)

Rick is married with four children, is ordained with the Assemblies of God, and has pastored full-time in the Upper Midwest for 14 years followed by serving in an itinerant preaching/pastoring role since 2013. Rick has taught Bible and theology at several colleges and universities in the U.S., Canada, and The Philippines since 2012. Rick authored A Theology of the Spirit in the Former Prophets: A Pentecostal Perspective (CPT 2018), served as editor for the e-journal The Pentecostal Educator (2014-2019), and is editor of several soon-to-be- published volumes on Pentecostal theological education in the Majority World, Pentecostal reception history, and a Festschrift on the topic of “Community: Biblical and Theological Reflections”. Rick has also served as a translator for the New English Translation (Judith) and as a translation consultant for The Passion Translation (Genesis). His research interests include particularly Pentecostal approaches to theology, homiletics and hermeneutics, Old Testament (most specifically Genesis, the Former Prophets, and Ezekiel), and literary-theological readings of Scripture.

Dr. Wadholm's Curriculum Vitae