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Alumni  Moving Forward Together

Moving Forward Together

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It is my pleasure to introduce you to the SUM Alumni Association.  We hope to be a resource in the coming days for you and the future adventures God has called you to.  It is no small thing to be partnered with such a tremendous force of radicals that are literally impacting the globe for Jesus Christ.

Over the years, our beloved SUM has grown from a small drop of rain into a great flowing river from the mountain of God to reach many urban areas around the world.  Our graduates continue to plant churches, rescue the lost, and bring life back to dry places around the world. And as the Alumni of SUM continue to grow, we expect a greater need for keeping up with each one of the graduates. The Alumni Association exists to promote ongoing graduate relationships and foster necessary communication between the school, its graduates, and current students.
Philosophers and naysayers in our times are asking for evidence to prove God still cares.  They wonder if God still has people who show integrity, or can anyone verify God even exists. SUM Alumni continue to produce the proof through their lives on a daily basis that He Lives!  We are changing lives through indigenous leadership and producing positive change wherever God places us! 
We hope you come to understand that God has given us all a great privilege to be alive in the last moments of the Last Days.  We have been given much and therefore much is required of us as His agents.  Let’s do our best to stay connected and utilize the wonderful resources God has given us.  This association is a great avenue to help us as graduates to assist each other, network, and promote the advancing of the Kingdom.  

We look forward to partnering with you.
All for Jesus,

Brother Glenn Badonsky

SUM Alumni President

Alumni Membership Benefits

10 Reasons to Become a Member of SUM Alumni Association

1. SUM Membership Card

2. Merchant Discounts (car rentals, hotel, lodging etc.)

3. Alumni T-Shirt

4. Career Networking

    A. Cohorts/Other Grad Ministries Etc.

        i. Future job opportunities in house

        ii. Internships

    B. Preparation for Graduation/Careers

    C. Go to Meeting – Teaching on Resume Writing and Interview Skills.

        Alumni login privileges with national Guest Moderator/Facilitator.

5. Homecoming Fellowships –Picnic/Dinner/Entertainment

6. Invitations to Special Events

    A. On Campus Events

    B. Regional Graduate Events

7. Connection through Social Media

    A. Facebook

    B. Addition to Alumni Directory

8. Access to On-Campus Gym (Oakland)

9. Bookstore Discount (Oakland)

    A. SUM Gear

    B.  Books

10. Ongoing Event Planning


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Membership in SUM Alumni Association is open to alumni and non-alumni. Full membership is open to graduates or students who have completed 20 credit hours at SUM.  A single full or associate membership cost $50 annually. Married couples qualify for $75 joint membership. Each person who joins will receive an individual membership card. All memberships are valid for one year from the date they received their card.

Annual Memberships - $25 Limited Time Special (Per Person)

A. Regular Alumni Membership

     i. Voting Privileges

     ii. $50 Single $75 Joint

B. New Graduate Membership

     i. Voting Privileges

     ii. $25 Singe $50 Joint (1st Year Special)


C. Honorary Membership

     Non-Voting Privileges

D. Lifetime Membership  

     Contact our Alumni Board via email for details.