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Add/Drop Terms of Use

    If you do not intend to return to SUM the following trimester please do not proceed further. You must instead complete the SUM Withdraw Form. If you request to add a course comes after the Add/Drop deadline, the Registrar will change the "drop a class" request to a "withdrawal from class" request."

    Students dropping below full-time status (10 credits) should be aware that it could affect their financial aid or veteran’s benefit eligibility. Students withdrawing from all courses may have to return all or a portion of their aid and may be subject to a separate calculation by the Business Office regarding a school balance.

    I understand it is my responsibility to withdraw from courses for which I am registered and do not attend, and it is my responsibility to read and understand the deadlines for refunds and for dropping classes according to the calendar in the class schedule. I further understand and agree that payment for tuition and fees is due by the published date in the schedule to avoid cancellation of my classes. I also understand that any refund will be based on the refund schedule set forth in the SUM Catalog.

    Please Note: All withdrawals are subject to the rules and deadlines in the online class.